Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sewing 2 days in a row!! WOW!

I'm amazed that I actually was able to sew two days this weekend. Today I decided to try my hand at knits, again. In the past we've had a love hate relationship. I love all the pretty prints I've been hoarding away but I've hated to sew with them because I can't get it right. They either end up being all stretched out or my machine just won't sew over them, or I cut them wrong.

Anyways, while searching for some sewing odds and ends, I came across some very cute holiday knit. I didn't think I had anything to coordinate with it but dug through the stash and came up with a stripe that goes pretty well, imo.

I've been wanting to make the Farbenmix Olivia dress with the Farbenmix Jule hood for a while so I got to it. Cutting went well, I was a bit unsure of the Jule hood but I was making it out to be more complex than it actually was.

This project came together pretty quickly too. I used steam a seam on the front of the hood where I finished the edge, it helped a great deal to hold everything in place and I could skip the pins (I loathe pins). Only trouble spot was the pocket. I was using the same stripe as the sleeves and used the steam a seam to put it in the right spot. Well I sewed it on with a zig zag and didn't like how the pink thread looked against the stripe. So I ripped out the seam but some of the steam a seam stayed on the pink fabric leaving a little trail of maroon fuzz. So it looks like that pocket will be going back on to cover the spot now.

I think it looks great for my first successful knit dress.


Jule hood, I love how this came out!!!

Thanks for looking

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love Kyoko!

I finally got a little time to sew this weekend and I got to finish the Modkid Kyokos I started 2 weeks ago. Both were a size 2T but a bit big on my daughter. The long sleeves on my View A shirt are a little too long and the bodice has a lot of room, but I would make the length of the shirt longer next time. Same sizing issues with View B the dress, but the sleeves were perfect. I suspect it is my model and not the pattern. Patty Young's pattern directions and illustrations are a dream and I'm confident a beginner could complete this project.

Without further ado here is Hailey modeling the Kyokos. She's been battling a cold so please excuse her appearance.

View A with long sleeve option

View B with short sleeve option

Close up of the Obi Sash

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Just testing to see if my customizations are taking effect.